سماور برقی 23 لیتری صنعتی

سماور برقی 23 لیتری صنعتی
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سماور برقی 23 لیتری صنعتی

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REMTA سماور برقی 23 لیتری صنعتی

Boilers are manufactured from 304 stainless steel chrome.
It provides for the appropriate use of mass consumption.
5 responds to each request with size model.
One teapot is - the teapot 2 - 3 teapot models
Boilers are welded argon.
Pots are sold separately.
Hygienic and long lasting.
It provides ease of use and ergonomic design.
The product has automatic thermostat.
the heater plate section enables the use of diversity.
It provides hot water all day long.

CE certified.

Capacity: Single Pots 23lt.

dimensions : 350 * 275 * 395 mm

Power :  2000 watts