ترمو باکس کوچک مدل AVATHERM Menu Mobile

ترمو باکس کوچک مدل AVATHERM Menu Mobile
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TB-AVA Menu Mobile
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ترمو باکس کوچک مدل AVATHERM Menu Mobile
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محصولات شرکت AVAplastik ترکیه ترمو باکس کوچک مدل AVATHERM Menu Mobile

AVATHERM Menu Mobile

AVATHERM Menu Mobile Trays are seamlessly deep-drawn,  made of light, robust pore-free polypropylene (PP). They are double-walled with CFC-free polyurethane (PUR), providing excellent insulation.

Designed for meals on wheels, hospital and other food delivery operations. The AVATHERM Menu Mobile Tray comes with a porcelain set consisting of 3 dishes together with silicone lids. The silicone lids are extremely temperature resistant to up to +200°C and can be put in the microwave.

  • with 6 compartments
  • Porcelain-set consisting of 3 dishes with silicone lids 
  • silicone lids are temperature resistant to +200°C
  • silicone lids are neutral in taste and odour
  • features integrated cutlery storage
  • the 4th compartment (empty part) gives the option to put another soup bowl or another side dish plate  
  • cold and hot meals in one tray
  • Excellent insulation
  • Tray is temperature resistant from -40° - + 100°C
  • No need for closed transport trolleys
  • Perfectly stackable
  • safe transportation
  • economical , if well maintained – designed for years of service 
  • multiple-use system = waste prevention
  • hygienic
  • Environmentally friendly – optimum energy utilisation because of CFC-free insulation
  • easy cleaning by hand or machine
  • dishwasher safe
External Dimensions L: 38 x B: 45 x H: 12 cm
Weight 3,5 kg / 2,1 kg (empty)